This quote reminded me of the importance of helping someone with Alzheimer’s (or any other form of dementia) to experience the world around them. It needn’t be anything too taxing or elaborate……A ride in the car down a country road, watching squirrels gather nuts, or observing children at play are only few examples. These become stimuli that are rich, satisfying and precious in the moment.  They may not be remembered by your loved one with Alzheimer’s, but the experience itself is “enough”.  If he or she is no longer able to see very well, you must be a little more creative…..the sound of birds in the morning, the sensation of a summer breeze, the taste of watermelon, the smell of lavender…It is hard to be depressed when you are saying, “Isn’t that wonderful?”. “Aren’t they adorable?”, “Isn’t that beautiful?!”