This  sock sorting sensory activity (…say “sort soft socks” five times in a row!)  is perfect for the winter months for those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias!  Typically, a sensory activity focuses on one of the senses and a familiar object. The primary objective of Sensory Therapy is to soothe and reduce the anxiety that frequently accompanies dementia.  The power of touch can be very powerful and, when coupled with a simple life skill like sorting socks, it’s even better.


If possible, warm the socks in the dryer to add an additional comfort factor to this project. Likewise, folding washcloths and towels right out of the dryer is an great weekly task!

I found these colorful soft socks at my local grocery store on sale for $1.00 each. (Look for them on sale in January after the holidays!) I also saw some at my local dollar store in more “manly colors” (see below) but I chose the brighter ones because they were just more fun and attractive!

In my case, this project is for the skilled nursing facility where I work so I came up with another step…..Participants can roll them up and put them in Pringles Potato Chip cans that I cut down and hot
glued to a box to make individual “cubby holes ” for each pair. (I covered the box in a striped contact paper that I had on hand.)

NOTE: If you are doing this for a facility or Adult Daycare, be warned!  The socks are a “hit” and they can disappear 🙂  A few years ago, I worked in a Memory Support Unit and I brought in the sock sorting project.  A few of the residents immediately started fiddling and folding them but then I got called away from the table.  When I returned, there were quite a few missing.  Then I looked around the room and noticed that several of ladies had them on their hands like children’s mittens. (It was very sweet.) So know that if you have a tight budget, these are items that you have to keep an eye on!